Chiropractic Proven to Help Children with Bed-Wetting

Millions of children wake up every morning with wet pants and wet sheets resulting from poor bladder control. Bed-wetting, officially known as enuresis, occurs in children aged five or older who experience regular bed-wetting at least one or two times each week. The condition occurs both in children who never stopped wetting the bed as they mature and in children who temporarily overcame bed wetting but relapsed back into the pattern. Children do not wet the bed on purpose in either circumstance.

Enuresis traces back to multiple causes but few solutions help more children overcome this problem than chiropractic care. Many children that suffer from unwanted enuresis suffer from underlying causes found in their spine and nervous system. A well-known and respected medical website explains that a child wets the bed for one of a handful of reasons, the most glaring being that a child’s undeveloped nervous system fails to properly communicate with the child when their bladder is full.

Children learn bladder control at different ages. Children younger than four years old often wet their beds or clothes because they cannot yet control their bladder. Most children should exhibit bladder control through the night by age five or six. Healthy brain to body communication provides a child with the best opportunity to control and coordinate proper bladder function. Chiropractic care specifically addresses communication within the nervous system and helps children with bed-wetting problems. Chiropractors all over the world report the successful influence of chiropractic care for children suffering with enuresis.

Numerous studies prove the influence of Chiropractic on children with bed-wetting issues. Research published in 1994 and again in 2012 proved a significant link between bed-wetting and Chiropractic adjustments. Children receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxation experienced a substantially higher rate of overcoming enuresis than those who did not get adjusted. Subluxations are an alteration in the alignment and movement of a spinal vertebra. Subluxations interfere with the balance of the autonomic nervous system, leading to abnormal function in the body. The autonomic nervous system directs all involuntary vital functions like breathing, immunity, and digestion. An imbalance in the autonomic nervous system leads to altered physiology resulting in a wide variety of symptoms or conditions, including bed-wetting. Research long ago determined that most babies and children endure an increased risk of acquiring subluxations through physical stressors like birth trauma, falls, and accidents. Chiropractic does not treat or cure enuresis Scientifically specific adjustments restore optimal body function allowing the nervous system to return to a state of balance and peak function.

Children suffering from bed-wetting will often feel ashamed or embarrassed and become at risk for further mental and emotional problems. Getting to the root cause of a condition like bed-wetting serves both the child and their family. Chiropractic care provides a unique, pharmaceutical-free solution backed by research and proven results. Harmony within the body plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and peaceful harmony within the home.

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