Some flat footed people have experienced a dropping of their arches over a period of time, whereas others may have grown up from a young age, never having developed an arch.

In either case it’s important to understand that a reduction in the arches of the feet is not due to a malformation of the feet, rather it’s due to a misalignment of the 26 bones in
each foot.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments to the bones and joints of the feet can lead to an improvement of many different foot condition. Adjustments to patients with flat or fallen arches can increased the height of the arches. Better foot alignment is consistent with better foot function and arch support.

In addition to chiropractic foot adjustments, it’s important to adopt a regular routine of rehabilitative exercises to help improve arch function and strength.

Arch Exercises

One of the most effective, and yet very simple foot exercise to perform is known as toe curls. You can do this exercise with ease and in the comfort of your home.

The toe curl exercise will require a couple common pieces of household equipment. You’ll need a chair and a bath towel. You can do this exercise pretty much anywhere, however it’s best to find a location with a smooth, hard floor.

Place the towel on the floor and smooth it out in front of the chair. Sit and rest one foot on top of the towel with your heel near the edge and your toes pointing toward the center. While your foot is resting comfortably on the towel, flex (curl) all five toes to pull the towel toward your heel.

With each toe curl you’ll only move the towel an inch or two toward your heel. Repeat the process again and again until you’ve successfully pulled the entire length of the towel toward your heel. Continue to flatten the towel out across the floor and repeat the process several times for both feet.

This toe curl exercise will strengthen the tiny muscles that work to lift and support the arches.

Flat footed patients who have had their feet adjusted for a period of time will experience better results from arch strengthening foot exercises. The process of having your foot bones and joints realigned through chiropractic will better prepare your feet for arch strengthening exercises.

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