There is no reason why someone should have to suffer from chronic elbow stress and consistent wrist pain. We have successfully treated many people with this type of pain in our office, including golfer’s, tennis players and other sports enthusiasts at risk of injury.

There is an easy, non-surgical solution that will improve the majority of these conditions. Before we discuss the correction, let’s consider the underlying cause or biomechanical dysfunction that predisposes you to developing a chronic pain problem in your arm and wrist.

Two very similar conditions that affect opposite sides of the elbow are tennis elbow (medial epicondylitiswhich affects the outside of the joint, and golfer’s elbow, (lateral epicondylitiswhich affects theinner side of the joint.

These painful conditions often develop as a result of repetitive or overuse of these extremities. Common activities that may cause these two conditions include sports that require the athlete to swing a paddle, racquet or other object. Activities requiring use of hand tools or repetitive hand motions may also cause a problem in these areas.

A biomechanical factor that may predispose you to developing these conditions is a misalignment of the humerus (upper arm bone) or the forearm. Tiny rotary misalignments of one or more of these bones will cause undue stress on the connecting muscles and tendons. This misalignment stress combined with repetitive use may lead to the development of tennis or golfer’s elbow.

Through alignment of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist you will help alleviate much of the physical stress on these joints. This will allow the body to begin the healing process. You should be able to engage in racquet sports and other repetitive activities without developing any further issues.

If you know anyone suffering from these types of conditions, please refer them to our office.

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