According to a recent medical study, the best medicine for neck pain is NO MEDICINE AT ALL. This study looked at non-complicated, mechanical neck pain. This type of pain is generally related to strenuous, physical activity. There are dozens of daily activities that contribute to negative impacts on your body leading to neck problems over time.

The study compared chiropractic care, medication and home exercise for acute and sub-acute neck pain. Chiropractic and exercise both fared well above medication – with chiropractic at the top.

Neck pain commonly occurs when one or more vertebrae in the cervical spine (top of the spine) loses its healthy alignment. Misalignments of the cervical vertebrae may affect nearby nerves resulting in pain, stiffness, or loss of function.

In my experience, gentle, chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine provides the best, long-term solution for these types of pain conditions.

Unlike exercise or physical therapy, chiropractic corrects the root cause of the problem. In this case, it is the misaligned vertebrae that are pinching and irritating the nearby nerves.

Once the misaligned vertebrae have been adjusted and proper alignment has been restored, specific exercises can be done to help you hold your chiropractic adjustments and strengthen your neck.

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 Reference: Annals of Internal Medicine, by the American College of Physicians

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