Researchers at a British university located specific areas in the neck that have a direct connection to a part of the bainstem which helps regulate organ health, heart rate and blood pressure. “The pathway exists for bad posture to really have an effect on all of these areas,” researcher Ian Edwards reported.

Poor posture or sitting improperly leads to a list of negative consequences:

  • Increased risk of neck and back problems (vertebral subluxation)
  • Abnormal wear and tear on joints, which can lead to arthritis
  • Improperly aligned bones and joints, which can lead to fatigue
  • Increased strains and pains
  • More stress on the ligaments that hold the spine’s joints together
  • Interference in the nervous system and the constriction of blood vessels produces headaches, fatigue, organ trouble and breathing problems, all directly traced back to a spine fixed in an abnormal position.

Role of Chiropractic Care

Science and research continue to confirm the important role Chiropractic care plays in society as a public health measure. With more and more of the work force spending the majority of a day sitting at a desk, the need for proven postural correcting exercises and regular Chiropractic care increases. Furthermore, research shows that babies and children benefit from regular chiropractic evaluations and adjustments to reverse the effects of trauma due to birth, falls, injuries, and poor posture resulting from the increased use of computers, video games, and cell phones. Many of the spine and nervous system problems suffered by young adults could have been reduced or eliminated if the issues were addressed e
arlier on in life.


Chiropractic spinal adjustive care helps reverse the negative effects of poor posture, extended sitting, or long-term work at a computer. Along with correcting vertebral subluxation and the effects of bad posture through specific spinal adjustments, Chiropractors also spend time educating the public on the research and data proving the dangerous effects of poor posture. Chiropractic improves human health and performance by reducing mechanical and postural stress in the nervous system. The nervous system regulates all organ function from the brain and heart to the kidneys and digestion. Therefore it must be working in an optimal state to ensure the best possible health for each individual.Research proves that the cutting edge science of Chiropractic adds years to life and life to years. Every man, woman, and child deserves to get their spine evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure a life filled with health and high functioning opportunity!

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The Journal of Neuroscience 1 August 2007, 27(31): 8324-8333

 The Neurochemically Diverse Intermedius Nucleus of the Medulla as a Source of Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Input to the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii.

Ian J. Edwards,*, Mark L. Dallas,*, Sarah L. Poole, Carol J. Milligan, Yuchio Yanagawa, Gábor Szabó, Ferenc Erdélyi, Susan A. Deuchars, and Jim Deuchars.

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