“This place is amazing came here after my car accident few years ago and I was cracked into health! And I finally get to come back I would and do recommend it to anyone they are so amazing and care for there people Dr Birdsall is awesome!”


“Dr. Birdsall did a great diagnosis of my shoulder and neck problems. He suggested an treatment schedule for me and did all the right adjustments. I had so much stress and discomfort before that and always had headaches every afternoon and breathing issues. His adjustments loosened everything and I find myself breathing and sleeping so much better. Great chiro.”


“I started coming to Dr. Russ for my shin splints that I got from running track. My shin splints we’re so bad that I got to the point where I would cry after my races because I was in so much pain. It felt like a hammer was being dragged down my shins, I was unable to compete on the team because shins were so bad. Dr. Russ stressed adjusting me and would take his metal tool and scrape my muscles of my legs. After I was done with treatments I was able to run without any pain and no shin splints no longer bothered me. I was able to compete my senior year on the team, which I never through would happen. During my senior year I strained my quad really bad and it kept me from performing my best. He also did treatments with E-Stim therapy. With Dr. Russ’s adjustments and treatments over the year I’ve never felt better. I was able to finish my senior year competing in track at a higher level, it’s been easier to sleep and I’m not dealing with neck and back problems either. I owe it all to Dr. Russ cause he’s the best.”


“I went to see Dr. Russ Birdsall for 2 long time foot issues. I had both a neuroma (nerve pain) and pre-dislocation in 2 of my toes. The neuroma caused me to stop multiple times during hikes, or any exercise, to massage my toes until the pain went away and the pre-dislocation caused daily swelling and the need to ‘tape’ my toes together to stabilize the bones so I could walk. A local ‘specialist’ in podiatry said my only option was surgery, with a 50/50% success rate. It would require cutting my toe bones shorter, repairing the ligaments that were stretched and months of rehabilitation.
I walked into Dr. Russ begging him to help me find a way to avoid surgery and to remove the need to tape up my toes and be in chronic, daily pain. It was certainly a tall and unrealistic order.
After reviewing the X-rays that the Podiatrist took, (Foot doctor specialist…HA!…that’s a joke), Dr. Russ determined that 6-8 of my foot bones were NOT in the proper position and in less than 3 months, with manipulation, massage and ultrasound to train my muscles to recognize their new position, he achieved what I thought was the impossible. I can walk with no limp. I can walk without pain. My toes no longer swell and my 20 year Neuroma takes 2-3 times as long to cause me discomfort, if any.
Dr. Russ has given me my life back and I don’t say that lightly. I was miserable, for years and he has completely wiped away that misery from my day to day existence. I can’t say enough about how qualified and knowledgeable he is and the level of foot/hand expertise he brings to the Chiropractic field. His technique is beyond valuable and every Podiatrist and Chiropractor should study what he does and offer it in their own practices.
THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU, Dr. Russ. I am so blessed to have found you.”


“I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and most of them were pretty good – Dr. Birdsall is great! His passion to help others heal sets him apart from the rest as well as his abundant knowledge and willingness to help others learn. I’m so grateful for the healing I’ve experienced over the last several months!”


“I’ve worked at a desk job for 20+ years and seeing Dr. Russ consistently has helped so much with the shoulder and wrist pain I’ve experienced. He works wonders!! I recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic care!”


“Dr. Russ is awesome! I met Dr. Russ at a class he was teaching on Gluten. He is extremely knowledgeable. A real Chiropractor that doesn’t only do adjustments. I’ve been to many Chiros in the past, always painful when my pelvis is adjusted & soreness for days. The first time Dr. Russ adjusted me I expected it to hurt. So I told him, “hey that didn’t hurt.” To which he responded, “I’m sorry was it supposed to hurt?” Honestly I was thinking, “This guy is doing nothing.” But when I stood up I was level footed. No pain, little soreness. Unbelievable!

Dr. Russ also helped my baby with nurse maid’s elbow. I originally took her to a Western Med. Dr. & they did “the maneuver” twice before they were able to pop her arm back into place. My bb was screaming from the pain. I asked the Dr. If she was sure if it was fine & she answered that she didn’t know but that “the maneuver” is all she could do. The next morning my baby wasn’t moving her arm so I was worried & was on my way to take her to the hospital & I remembered Dr. Russ. I called & he immediately saw us. He examined her & said that it was still out & adjusted it. When I asked him if he was sure it was fine, he told me, oh yes it will just be sore but she’ll be able to move it in a few hours. She did in fact start moving her arm in a few hours.

Dr. Russ is amazing, smart, knowledgeable, kind & funny. He has perfect bedside manners, exactly the way a Dr. should be. Highly recommend Dr. Russ.”


“As a fellow colleague of Dr. Birdsall I only trust him to work on my 12 year olds knee which has been bothering her for months. His specialty of knees, ankles, etc…. is a gift and I appreciate his level of skill in this area that not many other chiropractors excel in.”


“I was in extreme pain in both my feet for a year and had been to see a couple of different doctors who were not able to get me any relief at all. After exhausting what I felt were all my options I found Dr. Birdsall and skeptically went to see him hoping this time I would find someone to help me. It was so difficult to walk and the type of work I do requires me to be on my feet on concrete between 10 and 14 hours a day. I am in my early 40’s and thought for sure that I was on my way into a wheelchair. My treatment program with Dr. Birdsall was a 90 day program and after just 4 visits the pain that I had started to lessen and I was able to move around a little better. As we progressed in my treatment the pain got less and less. Because of the extensive work Dr. Birdsall did with me , I am now pain free and have been able to return back to work. I am so very grateful for what he has done for me. I have my life back. I will continue to see Dr Birdsall on a maintenance basis. and I highly recommend Dr. Birdsall and his team to anyone experiencing any type of foot pain.”


Having had the opportunity to see a chiropractor on several occasions, I knew what to expect for the most part. It was interesting in knowing that Dr. Birdsall was a new doctor but it did not deter me in any way as everyone needs to start somewhere. Well to my surprise, I would never have guessed that Dr. Birdsall was new to this at all. Not only was he professional, he also explained how his adjustments could be beneficial to me personally. It felt like he had been in this field for years. Not only did I feel comfortable with him but I also learned from him that there are several things that he could do to help particular problems of which I did not know chiropractors could adjust. Some of these benefits I noticed immediately. Needless to say, I now have a chiropractor that I will be visiting on a regular basis!


During my time with Dr. Birdsall I experienced a lot of relief from my pain. I have a double scoliosis in my back. When I began treatment with him it was very difficult for me to stand or walk straight. During the time of treatment with him I was able to stand straighter, his treatments would also help me by lessening the pain so I could live a more normal lifestyle. I also got relief from a sharp pain in my wrists and feet through the very unique way he can adjust them. Dr. Birdsall was effective in his treatment and was always pleasant to come and see.


I am no longer afraid!!! Having never been to a Chiropractor because of my own personal fears and skepticism, I did not know what to expect for my first adjustment. I honestly was very nervous and scared. However Dr. Birdsall was very sympathetic to this and helped to calm my nerves by talking me through what he was going to be doing. He was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable with him. We discussed what my needs were for the session and to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything to change. I am a preschool teacher and sit in small chairs all day so I have lower back pain all the time, after my first session with Dr. Birdsall I could tell a complete difference. The pain was gone and sitting in the small chairs doesn’t bother my back as much. I know I will continue to see Dr. Birdsall, he has gained my trust and confidence that he truly knows what he is doing and does it very well.


In January of 2014 I was preparing to have carpal tunnel surgery. The date was set and I was going to have to take time off from work only months after the company had cut my hours in half and laid off 7 other people. I didn’t want to risk not going to work in case they figured out they could do without me permanently.

Daily my hands and fingers would be numb and tingling and sometimes the pain and weakness would be so bad that I couldn’t do simple tasks – like hanging the shower wand up after my shower or taking the lid off a jar that had already been opened. I started sleeping with wrist supports and that helped, but not enough. I had another fear of causing permanent nerve damage and not being able to use my hands correctly ever again. That’s when I agreed to the surgery.

When I told my friend about my surgery she told me about Dr. Russ Birdsall. I had never used a chiropractor before and didn’t really know what to think about beginning now. She told me he specialized in extremities and that I had nothing to loose by trying. (I really trusted my friend so I decided to give it a try.) It was less than a week to my surgery. After just two treatments from Dr. Birdsall I noticed a huge improvement. I cancelled my surgery and have not looked back! I still occasionally experience some numbness and tingling but that is because Dr. Birdsall has moved from the Kansas City area and I can’t find anyone as good as he is!

I absolutely recommend Dr. Birdsall to anyone needing a chiropractor. His adjustments were just what I needed and I always felt better after my visits with him.


Dr. Russ is a chiropractor near me, a chiropractor in Thornton and I like him. I saw Dr. Birdsall for neck pain and lower back pain. I am impressed at how thoroughly he adjustments me. He treats my problem areas and some that I didn’t know I had like my hands and feet. Dr. Birdsall’s practice specializes in carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis and I benefit from that because he helped me get rid of pain in my wrist too. He is not pushy about treatments, he informs you and lets you make your own mind up. I am on a monthly maintenance plan that keeps me feeling good and prevents my pain with regular adjustments. He is a very caring Chiropractor in the North Denver Metro Area.

Doug M.

I have been going to Dr. Russ for about 6 months now. I couldn’t be happier with my patient experiences. He is very knowledgeable and able to communicate well. I swear by what he does and I won’t go to anyone else. My nagging issues are near gone, and I had many. My boyfriend and I both do CrossFit and are personal trainers, we understand the need for whole health, and Dr. Russ keeps us moving and healthy. We recommend him to everyone we know!


Dr. Birdsall is amazing…came in with lower back pain and being told my only option was surgery…couldn’t hardly sit or stand…after a few visits I was feeling so much better. Not only did I not do surgery…I am able to walk and sit and stand without pain.


I am a regular client. Dr. Birdsall saved me from surgery! I am now down to twice a month for maintenance. Words cannot express my gratitude I have for his hand & foot clinic and Dr. Birdsall’s skills and the healing he has triggered with the treatments. Thank you!


Dr. Russ was referred to me by my fiance. I was having pain in my right wrist and numbness in my fingers and diagnosed as carpal tunnel. After a few weeks of treatments with Dr. Russ the numbness subsided as well as the pain. Dr. Russ is very professional but such fun and recommends treatments with no pressure. I highly recommend him.

Cindy T.